Xtool D1 Laser Engraver Review – All The Info You Need

Xtool D1 Laser Engraver Review Xtool D1 Laser Engraver Review


Whether you’re looking for an open-frame desktop laser engraver, or a more powerful laser engraver, there are some great options on the market. One of these options is the Xtool D1 Laser Engraver.

Limit switches on the Xtool D1 Pro

Xtool D1 Pro laser engraving machine has a few cool features that can make your job easier and faster. One of those is the ability to set absolute coordinates for the laser. The other is the ‘outline’ feature that outlines the shape of the artwork. This feature will cut down on the amount of processing time.

The xTool D1 Pro also includes a flame detector. This feature is handy if you have a job that is stopped by a bump or flame. It will also send an alarm if your machine experiences extreme movement. You can also set an emergency stop if it detects smoke, flames or tipping.

Another cool feature is the ability to engrave basketballs. It will also engrave colors on stainless steel surfaces.

This machine can also be connected to a computer using USB, WiFi, or memory card slot. It can also engrave on a sd card.

This laser engraving machine has a maximum engraving speed of 400mm/s. This is fast for small movements. However, it is not very fast for large movements.

The xTool D1 Pro has a laser module that is able to cut 0.31″ black acrylic. It can also cut 0.39″ basswood. The machine is also capable of engraving on 1/4″ baltic plywood in one pass.

The xTool D1 Pro is great for hobbyists and small businesses. It has a good set of safety features and a great work area. It is compatible with LightBurn, the industry standard for controlling laser engravers. It also comes with an optional rotary add-on that allows you to engrave cylindrical objects.

It is a very well-built machine. It comes with a 1-year warranty. If you need additional accessories, Comgrow has them available. It comes with an optional protective enclosure to keep the machine safe.

Open-frame desktop laser engraver

Xtool D1 Open-frame desktop laser engraver is an open-frame laser engraver that works for a variety of materials. It can work on wood, acrylic, leather, and rock. It’s a good choice for people looking for a DIY laser under $500.

The xTool D1 comes with four proximity limit switches along the XY axes. If the laser head comes close to one of these limits, an alarm will sound. This is useful for calibrating the machine and detecting if the laser head is touching a frame.

The laser engraver can be connected to a computer via USB. It also has a memory card slot and Wi-Fi. It comes with a 12-month guarantee. xTool also offers an e-mail support service.

The laser engraver is equipped with dual laser technology, which combines two laser beams into one spot. This results in faster engraving and better effects with the same electric power.

The machine has a 10W laser module. It can engrave up to eightmm of acrylic or ply in one pass. The laser can also be used for glass and metal. Using the xTool D1 Pro laser engraver, you can create projects for sale, engrave text, and create sceneries.

The machine is an all-metal construction. Its frames are made of extruded aluminum. It uses two NEMA17 stepper motors. The linear rails are also made of metal. The laser lens is protected against smoke.

The xTool D1 is compatible with several file formats. It comes with an xTool Creative Space software. This software can be used to edit and arrange vector graphics. It also supports common engraving file formats. You can download it from the xTool website.

The xTool D1 Pro has a larger work area than many other popular laser engravers. It has a 1064nm laser head that engraves all metals.

Diode laser engraver with a 20W output energy

Xtool D1 laser engraver with a 20W output energy is the most powerful diode laser engraver available today. It can engrave through a variety of materials, including wood, glass, leather, ceramic, and more. It is perfect for hobbyists, small/medium-level businesses, and home use.

The xTool D1 laser engraver features industrial-grade structural design and safety features. It is constructed of a steel shaft and an all-steel wheel. The laser is positioned in a closed synchronous belt, which helps ensure smooth operation. This laser engraver also comes with limit switches, flame detection, and a 3-second manual focus.

Xtool D1 laser engraver is a compact and powerful machine that can be used to create customized home accessories. Its high-speed laser can engrave up to 10,000mm per minute. It is also compatible with Laserbox Basic.

The laser is focused on the workpiece using a silver focus bar. A red crosshair is projected from the laser lens’ corner. It can also be used to align the start of the cut.

The laser spot is compressed to 0.08 x 0.06 mm. This allows for deep cuts and high-resolution engraving. The laser can engrave at a faster speed, producing a larger beam. Moreover, the beam is able to cut through a variety of materials. The machine can cut through 10mm basswood and 8mm acrylic plate.

The laser engraving machine also comes with a USB port, which enables users to transfer data via Wi-Fi. It also has an air assist device that blows away debris during engraving. It can also work with a variety of materials, including leather, wood, and acrylic.

It comes with a 1064nm infrared laser, which can be used for marking steel. The laser can also be used for engraving on wood, leather, ceramic, and rock.


xTool D1 Laser Engraver is one of the best laser engravers on the market. It is a versatile machine that can be used for a variety of materials.

This machine can cut through materials such as acrylic and wood, and its 20W diode laser reaches a precision of 0.0004 inches. The machine is also capable of bringing color to metals.

Aside from the engraver’s high power, it also features a 0.08 x 0.06mm ultra-fine compressed spot. This spot allows for better effects when engraving. It is also faster.

xTool D1 Pro has been designed to provide a professional-level of accuracy. It is capable of engrave company logos and other text. It also features an emergency stop function. This will activate when the machine detects smoke or fire. It is also equipped with a closed synchronous belt for smooth and stable operation.

xTool D1 Pro is a lightweight machine. It can be used to engrave on objects of different sizes, such as doors, plexiglass and doors.

It is a fairly high-end machine, but it also comes with a lot of accessories. This includes a rotary attachment that allows the laser to engrave around an object. It also comes with an all-steel shaft, which is durable and long-lasting. It also has an emergency stop function, which will trigger when the machine becomes unbalanced.

It is also capable of working with various file formats. It is also compatible with LightBurn software, which lets you create new vector shapes and edit existing vector graphics. The xTool D1 Pro comes with an app, which includes a materials list and step-by-step instructions. It also has a Projects tab that shows the materials used and the machine settings.

Comparison with Ortur Laser Master Engraver 2 Pro

Whether you are looking for an entry level laser cutter or a high end industrial machine, the Ortur Laser Master Engraver 2 Pro can provide a cost effective solution to your cutting needs. Its simple and user-friendly design makes it a good choice for beginner and professional alike.

The Ortur Laser Master Engraver 2 Pro is the latest in the company’s line of laser cutters. It features a powerful 20,000 mm/min laser head speed, built-in air-assisted design, and a custom-built LU2-10A laser module. These features combine to make it a technological juggernaut.

For starters, it has a small work area of 400mm by 400mm. In addition to this, it boasts a 0.05 x 0.10mm laser head.

Ortur’s “Laser Explorer” app is suitable for both home and professional use, and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It is also the most comprehensive mobile laser engraver solution on the market.

The company also demonstrates its commitment to innovation with the “Laser Master 3”, which features a state-of-the-art ESP-Pro-v2.4 motherboard, a 10W laser module, and a foldable focus rod. It also includes safety locks, abnormal motion detectors, and a one press full-stop emergency switch. Its connectivity detection systems allow it to switch between YRR and Y-axis motors with a single stroke.

The “Laser Master” is a product of the Ortur’s R&D team, which is led by Ren, a longtime employee and former engineer at FoxAlien Reizer. The team has spent four years developing and tempering the machine, as well as making internal improvements.

The best part is that it can be built in a matter of hours. The company has included all the tools and instructions needed to complete the construction. In fact, it is fairly easy to assemble, even for an engineering background.

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