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USB Power Strip Surge Protector - SUPERDANNY Mountable Charging Station with 4 Widely Spaced AC Outlets & 4 Smart USB Ports, 5ft Desktop Extension Cord - Faux Walnut Grain

USB Power Strip Surge Protector - SUPERDANNY Mountable Charging Station with 4 Widely Spaced AC Outlets & 4 Smart USB Ports, 5ft Desktop Extension Cord for Home, Office, Hotel, Dorm Room,RV, Faux Walnut Grain

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    10000000561- Faux-Walnut-Grain

USB Power Strip Surge Protector - SUPERDANNY Mountable Charging Station with 4 Widely Spaced AC Outlets & 4 Smart USB Ports, 5ft Desktop Extension Cord for Home, Office, Hotel, Dorm Room, RV, Faux Walnut Grain

Power Plug TypeType B - 3 pin (North American)
ColorFaux Walnut Grain
Maximum Surge Rating900 Joules
Number of Ports4
Total Power Outlets4
Amperage10 Amps
  • ▶【All-in-One Charging Station】4 smart-charging USB slots & 4 widely spaced outlets with a 2-in-1 on/off switch and circuit breaker with LED indicator which will automatically shut off if it’s overloaded. High efficiency for charging phone, Airpods, earbuds, headphones, smartwatch, Bluetooth speaker, ps4 controller, tablet, computer, laptop, TV, table lamp, printer, scanner, and some other electric devices.
  • ▶【Wide Spaced Outlets】4 non-interfering outlets could fit in 4 large adapters. This 5ft power station ( rated current 10A) is designed with adaptable voltages: 110V-240V. It will automatically adapt to the wall outlet voltage it is plugged in. Used in the United States (110-125V), its max power is 125V x 10A = 1250W. (Calculation Formula: P=UI.) This square power strip block with large compatibility, max wattage up to 2400W, will absolutely meet your needs!
  • ▶【All-Round Protection Technology】With a built-in 900J surge protector, our electrical multi-outlets will filter the minor surges in the circuit and shut off when an overwhelming surge like that caused by lightning occurs. And the shell is made of Flame Retardant Material which is able to withstand temperature up to 1,380℉ (750℃). Besides, this universal power socket also has over-load/ short-circuit/ USB over-voltage/ USB over-current/USB over-heated protection.
  • ▶【Smart USB Charger】Designed with smart IC technology, these 4 USB charging ports automatically detect the plugged devices and auto
  • matically provide them the fastest possible yet safe charging current up to 5V/2.4A per port for various devices, 5V/3.1A in total.
  • ▶【Compact & Portable】3.50 x 3.50 x 1.96 inches. Rubik cube design, compact, and portable. Easy to carry, great for travel. And the 5-foot pure core cord has stable current output, better conductivity, good heat dissipation, bringing you great convenience.

Product Description

SUPERDANNY is a newborn brand, we are still in the early stage. In order to build a brand that is worthy of everyone's trust, make it famous for its excellent products, we carefully investigate the needs of consumers and strive to make our product better match customers' needs.

We are convinced that our high-quality products and your trust can help us thrive!

We are dedicated to producing top-notch products and selling them for the lowest profit. We provide quality products to people who have high requirements for life while keeping them affordable to everyone. Don't hesitate to get one!

Advanced Technology, Safety Ensured!

One-piece Copper Sheet as Electrical Conductor

Compare to the traditional cord conductor, this advanced one-piece copper sheet has a larger current carrying capacity and good heat dissipation while the traditional cord conductor has unstable conductivity and security risks due to its more welding spots.

  • Advanced Conductor
  • Better Conductivity
  • Good Heat Dissipation
  • Larger Current Carrying Capacity
  • Multiple Protection
  • Safety Ensured
Surge Protector

There is a 900J internal surge protector incorporated in this power socket, which will automatically shut off if there is a surge (spike/lightning). Also, the overload protector shuts off when it's overheated, over-current, or over-heated. Later, you need to press the 2-in 1 reset switch to power it on.

  • Surge Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Overheated Protection
  • Over-current Protection
  • 2-in-1 Power/Reset Switch

A Mounting Hole for Wall Mount

In order to meet some of the customers' needs, we design a mounting hole at the beginning of the cable with this power cube for you to hang it up for space-saving.

Velcro strap as Gift

As consumers, we often suffer from the annoyance of cable clutter. These messy wires will sometimes make things suck. It will suddenly trip you over or make everything a disaster. So we offer a Hook & Loop Fastener for you. Then you can better organize your messy cable so that you can have a room in good order! Thus, you don't need to buy an extra cable fastener, we are here to help with saving money!

Bottom Non-slip Mat Is A Small Humanized Design

We care about every small detail of our product.

The Bottom Non-slip Mat is a small considerate design. They are the thicker mat using high-quality plastic material, its anti-slip effect is much better than others that use the thin sponge pad. Thick and durable, it can better keep your power strip stable.

Living Room Use

This portable surge protector capable of any electrical device in your living room like the computer, vacuum cleaner, fan, TV, radio and etc.

Bedroom Use

With a 5 ft extension cord, this fashionable power strip is very convenient to use on your small nightstand for your laptop, phones, table lamp, etc., or in the dorm room.

Study Use

This compact power strip with USB ports is very ideal to use in the study for powering your electronics.

Office Use

With 4 outlets and 4 USB ports, this multi-outlet plug strip is perfect to use in the office, such as your working desk, meeting room.

Product information

Color:Faux Walnut Grain
Package Dimensions6.69 x 5.83 x 2.09 inches
Item Weight11.3 ounces