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Siemens FS140 Whole House Surge Protection

Siemens FS140 Whole House Surge Protection

  • First Surge Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) are Type 2 and UL / cUL 1449 listed, meeting designated protection requirements
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    2 lbs
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Siemens FS140 Whole House Surge Protection

  • First Surge Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) are Type 2 and UL / cUL 1449 listed, meeting designated protection requirements
  • Get 3 stage commercial grade notification for your commercial or residential applications
  • Compatible with any brand of load center and breakers
  • Enclosure rated for type 4 outdoor, and can also be installed inside the load center
  • 10 year product and connected equipment

Commercial Class Surge Protective Devices (SPDs)

Whole House Electrical Surge Protection

Siemens FirstSurge

Today’s homes filled with smart appliances and electronics require constant surge protection to prevent damage. Selecting a surge protective device that delivers the proper level of protection, and knowing when a surge protector needs to be replaced, are the keys to ensuring your home remains protected. This is why we developed FirstSurge, our commercial class total home surge protector.

Installed at your load center (electrical panel), FirstSurge will stop surges before they get into your home. FirstSurge offers three robustness grades to compensate for the storm activity where you live. All surge protective devices are sacrificial and will eventually wear out. When FirstSurge wears out, its commercial class three stage notification diagnostic immediately alerts you that the unit needs replacing. FirstSurge is first in class compared to devices on the market that have only LED notification, or provide no notification at all.

With FirstSurge commercial class protection, you will have peace of mind that your home will always be surge protected. Make Siemens FirstSurge the first surge protector installed into your home.

FirstSurge is Available in 3 Protection Levels

FirstSurge Power (FS060) = 60,000 Amps per phase protection.

FirstSurge Plus (FS100) = 100,000 Amps per phase protection.

FirstSurge Pro (FS140) = 140,000 Amps per phase protection.

Bring Commercial Grade Protection to Your Home

Features and Benefits
  • Designed to surge protect standard residential split phase 120/240, 60Hz system voltage
  • Balanced 600V Voltage Protection Ratings
  • Worry free commercial class 3-stage notification: Audible Alarm Protection status LEDs Red Service LED
  • FirstSurge can be used to surge protect any load center brand when connected to a 30A or less, 2 pole circuit breaker
  • UL 1449 listed, Type 2 SPD having an In = 20kA
  • Commercial grade NEMA 4X enclosure allowing for indoor or outdoor installations
  • 10 Year Limited Product Warranty and Connected Equipment Warranty per the product warranty policy

Electrical System Protection

A surge, sometimes called a transient or a spike, is a brief burst of energy (voltage and current). The most damaging surges enter through your home’s power, cable and telephone lines. However, the majority of surges originate within the home from the action of motor based appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, garage door openers, etc.

Siemens FirstSurgeTM stops power surges from entering your electrical system protecting smart appliances, TVs, computers, heating and cooling systems, and more. Every FirstSurgeTM includes commercial class notifiers (LEDs, Audible Alarm, and Red Flashing LED) and supplemental GRM Diagnostics.

Siemens offers three levels of protection for your electrical system:

* FS060 (First Surge Power) = 60,000 Amps

* FS100 (First Surge Plus) = 100,000 Amps

* FS140 (First Surge Pro) = 140,000 Amps

Phone System Protection

There are multiple ways surges can enter the home, including the electrical system, coaxial cable, and also telephone (DSL) lines. Just as with coaxial systems, often surge protection for telephone lines is ignored, exposing modems, computers, and phone systems to dangerous surges. Siemens FSPHONE is a two pair, hardwired surge protector for telephone, DSL or modem connected electronics in residential and light commercial applications. The FSPHONE protects against electrical power surges that can enter through the main telephone connection and is equipped with a failshort device to permanently ground the telephone line in the event of a power cross. The catalog number 'FSPHONE' is designed for indoor applications or can be mounted inside another weatherproof enclosure for outdoor mounting applications. The catalog number 'FSPHONE4X' consists of the FSPHONE plus a weatherproof enclosure to facilitate indoor or outdoor applications. The enclosure is molded of temperature and humidity resistant thermoplastic to resist cracking and discoloration. The cover can be secured with a tie wrap or similar locking device. 

Coaxial System Protection

Protecting your electrical service and not your coax cable allows for surges to enter through an unlocked or unprotected back door. To prevent surge damage from Cable TV or Telephone lines, you need to surge protect in the same manner as power by stopping surges at the 

Whole House Surge Kits

If you have been hit with surges, but unsure if the surge entered from the power, cable, or telephone lines, we offer our combo pack that combines Power, Cable, and Telephone protection within one pack.

Installing all three surge protectors at the same time gives you peace of mind that your home will protected against any surge trying to enter from

Siemens FirstSurge Selection

To prevent surge damage, surges need to be stopped at your home’s incoming utility services through the installation of power, cable, and telephone surge protective devices. 

Surge exposure map correlating storm frequency and intensity with increasing FirstSurge capacities; Any FirstSurge will protect in all regions, but selecting the recommended surge current capacity increases surge protector robustness to compensate for the surge activity where you live. This practice helps ensure years of operation. 

Don't let the next lightning storm or utility company surge damage your home's electronics and appliances, install Siemens FirstSurge today!


Product description

Siemens believes today's residential surge protectors come up short when protecting today's modern home filled with smart appliances and electronics. This is why we developed our first surge commercial class total home surge protectors. When there is a problem, Siemens first surge takes the guesswork out of knowing when it is time to be replaced. What will you see and hear when this occurs? audible alarm: beeps green led(s): extinguish red service light: flashes first surge is also ground referenced monitoring-equipped notifying if you have a rare safety hazard exists due to a compromised electrical system neutral to ground bond. What will you see and hear when this occurs? audible alarm: beeps green led(s): remains lit red service light: flashes.

Product information

Technical Details

Manufacturer‎Siemens -HI
Part Number‎FS140
Item Weight‎2 pounds
Product Dimensions‎10 x 6 x 4 inches
Item model number‎FS140
Size‎One Size
Style‎Surge Protection
Item Package Quantity‎1
Included Components‎Whole House Surge Protector
Batteries Included?‎No
Batteries Required?‎No